Who I am. Quien soy.

Growing up in the suburbs of New York City to parents from Queens made me crave good food, fun travels, and good company. Being close to a buzzing metropolis opened my mind to a world of possibilities from a young age. When I began searching for colleges my first three picks were Switzerland, Hawaii and Alaska. In the end my family compromised and I went to University of Miami in Florida. During this time I also spent two semesters abroad. I studied art at La Universidad Catolica in Santiago, Chile where my Spanish improved and my understanding on Hispanic culture expanded greatly. After returning from Chile I studied in Brisbane, Australia at Griffin University. Spending a year on both sides of the Pacific Ocean broadened my perspectives on family, culture, and art making.

In 2004, I began my senior year and completed my Bachelors in Fine Arts at the University of Miami. Upon graduation I moved to Anchorage, Alaska to fulfill a family dream of seeing America’s last frontier. Both my ‘abuelo‘ and my Uncle Richie had aspired to reach the northwestern corner of North America. However, cancer took both men before they reached this goal. When the opportunity to move to Anchorage presented itself I packed my bags and promptly drove from Miami to Alaska. I would not be the third to leave this dream unfulfilled. (Thanks for that trustworthy car Dad!)

Once in Alaska, I began exploring a wilderness that I had never experienced before. The vast park lands invigorated my art making in the form of prints, paintings, and most prolifically collage. The first winter in Anchorage I met Travis. If you had told my 17 year old self that one day I would marry an Alaskan man who resembled a Viking and was the son of an Iditarod musher I would have said, “hmm that rocks!” And so it does. We married in the summer of 2010. After 5 Alaskan winters with the luck of a great company we moved to Honolulu. This adventure was a wonderful way for us to grow closer together, learn about other cultures, meet amazing people and intensify our gratitude for Alaska. 

In May 2017 we relocated back to Anchorage, this time with two young boys in tow. As my creative efforts focus more on our children and bilingual education the art production will revitalize in it’s own time. Works are still available for sale and commissions are possible.

To contact me about purchasing my artwork, setting up Spanish lessons, attending immersion story-time with your child or generally to connect please send emails to betterwithart at gmail.com